18 NOVEMBER, Wednesday

16:30-16:50 h. Opening ceremony
    • Dr. Rafael Fernández Chacón. Director of the Institute of Biomedicine of Seville
    • Dr. Luis Captain Morales. Dean of the Faculty of Medicine. University of Seville.
    • Dr. Olga Delgado Sanchez. President of the Spanish Society of Hospital Pharmacy

17:00-17:50 h.- Conference-1.
Pharmacotherapy management systems in Scotland: intervention on polymedication

Dr. Alpana MairHead of Prescribing and Therapeutics for Scottish Government, coordinating delivery of Governments work programme and advising Ministers on Quality, safety and effectiveness of Prescribing, UK

Moderators: Bernardo Santos Ramos and Mª Dolores Santos Rubio

18:00-19:00 h. Round Table 1. The integrated tool of ChronicPharma: LessChron, ABC-Calculator and TriggerChron

Moderators: Mª Dolores Santos Rubio and Susana Sánchez Fidalgo

Dr. Aitana Rodríguez Pérez. Pharmacy UGC . Virgen del Rocío University Hospital. IBIS, CHRONICPHARMA Group.

    • LESS-CHRON and its future development in the universe of prescription tools.

Dr. Maria Tosacano Guzman. Pharmacy UGC . Virgen del Rocío University Hospital. IBIS, CHRONICPHARMA Group.

    • Improving the detection of adverse events through TRIGGER-CHRON

Dr. Angela Villalba Moreno. UGC of Pharmacy. Virgen del Rocío University Hospital. IBIS, CHRONICPHARMA Group.

    • Assessment of anticholinergic load by ABC-Calculator and methods to prevent adverse anticholinergic effects.

Dr. Eva Rocio Alfaro Lara. UGC of Pharmacy. Virgen del Rocío University Hospital. IBIS, CHRONICPHARMA Group.

    • The Web and App CHRONICPHARMA. From research to practical application

NOVEMBER 19, Thursday

17:00-18:20.- Round Table 2. Main research projects of the scientific societies

Moderators: Bernardo Santos Ramos and Manuel Ollero Baturone

Dr. Esther Ribes Murillo. Head of the Pharmacy Unit. Lleida Primary Care Department. Lleida. Catalonia.

    • "Sociedad Española de Farmacéuticos de Atención Primaria" (SEFAP): Program to improve diagnosis and inhaled therapy in COPD patients (INHA-MPOC)

Dr. Elena Garcia Garcia. Director of Postgraduate Studies and Research. San Rafael Nebrija University Centre. Principal Investigator of the FRAGILCARE group. San Juan de Dios Foundation. León. Castile and Leon.

    • "Sociedad Española de Geriatría y Gerontología" (SEGG): Analysis of unstructured data with natural language processing: data science, linguistics and artificial intelligence to address fragility and polymedication in the elderly.

Dr. Nieves Ramirez Duque. FEA Internal Medicine. UGC of Integral Medicine. Virgen del Rocío University Hospital. Seville. Andalusia.

    • "Sociedad Española de Medicina Interna" (SEMI): Multidisciplinary care program for patients undergoing surgery for colon cancer.

Dr. Jesus Martinez Sotelo. Pharmacy Service. Hospital of Inca. Inca. Mallorca. Balearic Islands

    • Cronos Group of the SEFH: Impact of the pharmacist's intervention in prescription adequacy in polymedicated elderly patients in primary care. PHARM-PC cluster randomized controlled clinical trial

Dr. Miguel Ángel Hernández Rodríguez. Coordinator of the SemFyC working group "Use of drugs". Health Plan. Management of the Canarian Health Service. Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Canary Islands.

  • "Sociedad Española de Medicina de Familia Y Comunitaria" (SEMFyC): Polymedication in Spanish population: prevalence and prescription patterns during the period 2005 to 2015.
18:30-19:30.- Round Table 3. Prescription habits and optimization strategies

Moderators: Aitana Rodríguez Pérez, Angela María Villalba Moreno and María Toscano Guzmán

Dr. Elena Calvo Cidoncha. Drug area . Hospital Clinic

    • Ontology-based clinical decision support system for the elderly chronic patient. OntoPharma Project.

Dr. Nuria Soler Blanco. Pharmacy service. Complex Chronic Patient Unit. Sabadell Hospital

    • Model of integral and multidisciplinary attention focused on the person. Adequacy and monitoring of the pharmacotherapy plan in fragile patients who meet chronic complex patient (CCP) criteria.

Dr. Daniel Sevilla Sánchez. Pharmacy service. Pere Virgili Sanitary Park. Central Catalonia Chronicity Research Group.

    • Territorial adaptation of the prescription in fragile community patients by a multidisciplinary consulting team.

Dr. Elena Valverde Bilbao. Primary Care Pharmacist. OSI Bidasoa. Hondarribia.

    • Promote the culture of description in our organization: survey of professionals.

november 20, friday

17:00-17:50 h.- Conference 2. Utility of Real World Data studies in the generation of evidence on effectiveness and safety of drug treatments in chronic patients

Dr. Gabriel SanfelixThe Foundation for the Promotion of Health and Biomedical Research in the Valencian Community (FISABO). Valencia

Moderators: Teresa Molina López and Susana Sánchez Fidalgo

18:00-18:50 h.- Round Table 4. Patient safety and prevention strategies

Moderators: Aitana Rodríguez Pérez, Angela María Villalba Moreno and María Toscano Guzmán

Dr. Ana Juanes Borrego. Pharmacy service. Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau.

    • Comprehensive approach to medicine-related health problems Drug code

Dr. Juliana Madrigal Cadavid. Pharmacoepidemiology and Risk Management Research Group . +helPharma IPS. Medellin-Colombia.

    • Value-based Safety Program (VSPP)

Dr. Maria del Carmen Montero Balosa. Pharmacy service. Aljarafe Primary Care District. Seville.

    • Evaluation of drugs in chronic patients based on actual practice data: Event incidence and safety with tto OCP in Andalusia (SIESTA-A)

Dr. Marcela Rousseau. Pharmacy service. Garrahan Children's Hospital. Buenos Aires. Argentina.

    • Potential risk factors in the development of drug-related problems in complex chronic pediatric patients
19:00 h. Closing of the conference. Conclusions.

 Dr. Sánchez Fidalgo & Dr. Santos Ramos.


The following projects will be presented at the conference as videos that will be available for viewing from November 16. A discussion forum will be set up for them:

  • Acosta Garcia H, Molina López T, Ferrer López I, Ruano JA, Santos Ramos B. Electronic prescription support systems in primary care. and situation analysis in the National Health System.
    • Seville Primary Care District and Virgen del Rocío University Hospital Pharmacy Services
  • of Riaguas B StreetCasamayor Lázaro B, Yzusqui Mendoza M. Optimization of treatment in the chronic HIV patient: first steps.
    • Internal Medicine Service. Nuestra Señora del Prado Hospital. Talavera de la Reina. Toledo
  • Eguiluz Solana MMoreno Santamaría M, Gómez Sánchez A, Arenas Villafranca JJ, AbilésOsinaga J, Tortajada Goitia B. Reconciliation of the treatment of the chronic polymedicated patient with feeding tube in the pharmaceutical care clinic.
    • Pharmacy and Nutrition Service. Safety and Quality Area. Health Agency Costa del Sol.
  • Garcia Gonzalez P, AlzuetaIsturiz N, Goñi Zamarbide O, Irigoyen Rodriguez I, Acin Gerico MT, Celaya Lecea MC. Optimization of dementia treatment in patients with advanced dementia.
    • Primary Care Pharmacy Unit, Navarran Health Service Pharmacy Sub-Directorate - Osasunbidea
  • Herminda Cao MASuárez Rodríguez A, Formigo Couceiro FJ, Estany Gestal A, Zarra Ferro I. Inappropriate medication in the elderly institutionalized patient: A non-randomized desprescription/prescription intervention.
    • Pharmacy service. University Hospital Complex of Santiago de Compostela Health Research Institute of Santiago
  • Navarro de Lara SArmengol Alert A, Torres García R, Pata Iglesias C. Gradual reduction of antipsychotic doses in geriatric patients with dementia in the health area and withdrawal strategies.
    • Neuropsychiatric Working Group of the Spanish Society of Hospital Pharmacy (SEFH) Pharmacy Service. Evissa and Formentera Health Area.
  • Usarralde Pérez ÁCruz Martos MÁ, Medina Bustillo B, Pablos Mateos AI, Ramón García JM, Solórzano Martín AR. Project of optimization of pharmacotherapy in institutionalized patients (OPTIMA).
    • Primary Care Pharmacy Service. South Assistance Direction. Community of Madrid.
  • Varas Perez AThe Sierra Sanchez JF. Application of a mathematical model to the analysis of the pharmacotherapy of the polymedicated patient
    • Pharmacy service. University Hospital Jerez de la Frontera .

(Of all the projects presented at the conference, prizes will be awarded based on their quality and will be assessed by the scientific committee)

Financed by the VI UNIVERSITY OF SEVILLE RESEARCH AND TRANSFER PLAN, Pharmacy Service of the Juan Ramón Jiménez Hospital